TAP Air Portugal – Budget planning and control

TAP Air Portugal is the main Portuguese airline, cruising the skies since 1945 and annually carrying millions of passengers to more than 90 destinations.

TAP has invested in the reinforcement, modernization and comfort of its aircraft, alongside the expansion of the network of destinations.

In terms of information systems and technologies, the company has multiple systems to support the huge amount of operational processes and BackOffice, given the size and complexity of the operation. This dimension and complexity is also reflected when the budget is drawn up, in which an attempt is made, in a short space of time, to plan the annual operation and budget everything that this operation entails.

Over the last few years, OASM Consulting has participated, through its consultants, in the implementation and improvement of the TAP Group’s budgeting solution, making it robust, decentralized, collaborative and a valuable aid in budget planning and control.

The solution is based on a common operating platform whose main objectives are to provide the Forecast Income Statement, the definition and implementation of a set of rules and automatisms for the construction of the Forecast Balance, the Annual Treasury Budget, as well as the definition of layouts to support the individual and transversal budget process, per unit and for all companies in the group.

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