Super Bock Group – P&L Group

The Super Bock Group  (SBG) is the largest Portuguese company of refreshing beverages, with a multi-brand and multi-market strategy, whose core activity is based on the Beer and Bottled Water businesses. It is also present in the segments of soft drinks, wines, in the production and sale of malt and in the tourism business, holding two key assets in the Trás-os-Montes region: the Parques Lúdico-Termais de Vidago and Pedras Salgadas.

SBG felt the need to align and standardize the various operational profitability analysis tools used by decision makers.

The SBG already had tools to generate this information, but they did not meet the current standards required for decision-making, that is, speed of availability, ease of consultation and maximum information and detail in the data available, which is why it was requested to several suppliers to present a quick and reliable solution for generating this information.

OASM Consulting was one of the companies that presented a solution, having been chosen to fulfill this challenge.

SAP Solutions Consulting